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Offensive to Whom?

My followers, you all know that I despise comedians, but I find comedy hilarious.  Louis CK is a deplorable human being who should be shot and dragged through the streets like Mussolini!  But his jokes about his children are fantastic.  I want to hear more of those jokes.  It’s a shame that Louis has to die though.  But this is for the good of us all, so please do not cry for his jokes when you see his broken body.  Instead pick up a rock and throw it at his face.  Because who could say such awful and hilarious things about their own children?  Today the Internet, in its great and powerful wisdom, gave me a new comedian to hate and love, and it wasn’t Donald Trump.

  • Her name: Nicole Arbour
  • age: older?
  • profession: comedian (I think?)
  • celebrity lookalike: Avril Lavigne

I was touring the web, attempting to ensure that there was at least one hater on every website, when suddenly a video began, telling me about how fat people need to keep calm and get thin.  Well, ‘keep calm’ is the latest fad, hers was more like,

…shame people with bad habits until they fucking stop-fat shaming. If we shame you hard enough that you lose weight, I’m okay with that.

Do you get the joke?  Can you see it?  Yes, of course you do!  But for those of you who are not as smart, let me spell it out.  Arbour is saying that if we say enough negative things to and about fat people, they will switch from happy-inducing sugar treats to a stick of celery and kale.  It is such a great joke, I nearly spit out my first bite of a twinkie.  I did spill my coke though.  That was sad.

I know I know this is meant to be humor, but I just couldn’t help thinking that her plan to hurt people with words just doesn’t go far enough.  Just look at what Japanese students are capable of doing to students who they view as stupid.  Yes, people here in the states bully the fat, but the students clearly do not go far enough!  We need to have rallies, maybe title the movement Touring Against Fat Twats, or TAFT.  On stage, we can bring a bunch of fat people and laugh at how they cannot do one push up.  Once we have them on the floor exhausted, we bring out professional wrestlers (but only the ones who use steroids) so that people understand what we want from our nation, just like our good friend Rick Scarborough.

Arbour shouldn’t be attacked for her video, she just wants to make sure people who are hurting themselves stop doing that.  I am only here to tell you that her suggestion, fat shaming, though strong, needs to do more.  We cannot rely only on words, we must break them physically and mentally.  Nothing must stop us from achieving our goals of molding the perfect form.  The übermensch will be a pitiful existence once we have reached the final stage of our plans.  Everyone, slowly roll out of your bed, lift your scrawny and pitifully weak arm to turn on your computer!  Now, if you think you have the strength, pull yourself up into your chair and-slowly, slowly-begin to type your shaming messages.  One by one, we will get all those fat people to our perfect level of health.  Just try and not sit up for too long, or your feeble back might break.

No wait, that wasn’t meant to be offensive, I was just concerned for your-

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Your appropriately “fluffy” blob,

Cameron Campbell

Super Boy Wonder Wizard

If I have said it a million times, then I must have been drunk the whole night and spent it talking to a wall:  Children are the gateway to an evil place.  They change your friends.  No longer are your friends free Friday after a hard week to waste away in a drug den before hitting up the clubs.  Instead, they head home to uncontrolled crying and poo.  Why that is better coming from your offspring than your best friend I will never know!  When the biggest game of the season is only half done, he is the one that leaves after drinking only half a beer saying that he needs to relieve his wife of their kid and put it to bed after reading “Good Night, Moon”.  Sure, I read that book when I was seventeen and it was easy to read thanks to the tiny words, but a three year old?  He already understands its complex English grammar?  I call witchery!  Roll a d20 for attack order, cuz here I come!

And the truth of my claims only becomes more truey as a new story quickly brews then disappears in Texas of a nine-year old who claims to have the one ring that can turn his fellow students invisible. Now that is truly the greatest proof of witchcraft, just as Tom Cruise preaching Scientology proved the existence of aliens once and for all.

Now no one seems sure what the school was thinking since they refused to comment, but I think we can all agree that the poor teacher must have been terrified as her students giggled and sat down for class without disappearing. But she knew what they had planned, and it was sinister. So sinister that even Michael Jackson would have said, “Get away from me!”

I would never say that we should ban people from having children, but I would say that children as soon as they are born should be sent away to another land where they can practice their sinful magic upon each other and leave us adults alone!  That’s all I got.  Upset about my comments?  Comment then!  But I probably won’t listen.  I answer your unasked questions, not the other way around!

Your two-time father,

Cameron Campbell