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Who Moved The Seasons?

I mean the answer is pretty clear, but since I am all about the suspense I’ll wait. You can’t wait? It’s the Jews! According to my very racist grandmama. It’s not really the Jews. At least not this time. I checked with the skinheads in my area and even they don’t believe that. Although I did learn how responsible Mexicans are for ruining my life. But if racist profiling can’t answer this question, then who is responsible? Follow me, Cameron Campbell, into a world of pure fantasy and bullshit!

American voters scream “Barabbas!”

Warning: I am about to mix religion and politics. In the biblical story of Barabbas, the religious leaders of Roman-occupied Israel have brought Jesus to be crucified. Pilate, seeing that Jesus has committed no crimes, offers the crowd a choice of which prisoner to release: Jesus, or the prisoner Barabbas, an insurrectionist. The religious leaders […]

My Brain is a Prehistoric Babe Magnet

Evolutionary psychologists argue that the human brain evolved as an entertainment device for male hominids competing to impress females.            Charlotte Allen, The New Dating Game, The Weekly Standard   Me and my buddies Ug and Nutz were hangin’ around, taking a break from hunting and gathering. Ug seemed kinda down in the dumps […]

How the War on Christmas Got Started

It’s getting to be that time again. Evergreen trees, red bulbs, and nonstop “Santa Baby” repeats on the radio. Yes folks, it’s about to be Christmas time. Or as these liberals would want us to call it, “the Holiday Season.” Ugh. Fox News, particularly the principled Sean Hannity and the always right Bill O’Reilly, has […]

Breitbart Got It Right

I like to spend time each evening reading pieces that make me think. Since someone stole my People magazine (You know who you are! Don’t even!), I was at a loss as to what to do. I could have borrowed a book, I suppose, but Goodnight, Moon frustrates me, and the politics in Peter Rabbit […]