Is He Still Not In Charge?

Why have we not voted Rives to be the master of all that is the Internet?  Followers, I never thought I would reach this day.  Even dead, it appeared certain that all jobs that exist in this world should be filled with my presence.  This appeared to be an ever growing reality as the internet expands and holograms become ever present.  Yet, as I traversed my already claimed seat as king of the digital world, I found today the man who deserves this seat:  Rives.  A man who has discovered the conspiracy against 4 A.M.  A man who invented a britannica game.  A man who is hailed by Tedtalks as the first 2.0 poet!  Yet here I was proclaiming that the Internet was my domain.  Foolish!

This will never happen again, so take this post, bookmark it, send it into the world, and let them all see the one and only moment that I ever give away a position of power that I won just by existing.

I, Cameron Campbell, relinquish my seat of power in the internet to Rives and promise to follow his example as the second-in-command.  All hail our king, Rives!

Your conspiring usurper,

Cameron Campbell

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